Choosing a Dress

Below are some simple steps you can follow to make it easier to choose the right dress for you:

  1. Find your basic dress shape:
    Although there are literally 1000's of dresses available, there are in fact only a few basic shapes. The first step is to find a shape that suits you best. We do have several dresses in our studio that you can come and try. If you live outside our location, we suggest you try some dress styles in your local stores.
    • A-line: These dresses are characterised by having a free flowing skirt originating from the bust. A-line dresses are suitable for all body shapes as they are forgiving even if your weight fluctuates a little. A-line dresses are also suitable for the pregnant bride.
    • Princess or Ballgown: These dresses commonly have a corset type bodice and a free flowing skirt starting from the waist or hip (dropped waist). The difference between a Princess dress and a Ballgown style is minimal. Princess dresses may have a train added. To show the fullness of the skirt you will need to wear a petticoat or hoop-skirt under the dress. These dresses too are suitable for all body shapes.
    • Mermaid or Sheath: Sheath dresses are very figure hugging. Mermaid dresses are like sheath dresses, but have a charactaristic "Fish Tail" or "Trumpet (bell) Shape" originating below the hip and may include a train.
    • Beach or Garden: These dresses do not represent a separate dress style but we have included them as a separate category in our catalog as many weddings and formal events are in a more casual setting.

  2. Dress features:
    Once you have decided which dress style is suitable for your body shape you can start to look for dress features:
    • Do you like sleeves? Many of our dresses feature sleeves, but they can be optional depending on the design. We can also add sleeves to many of our dresses.
      Maybe you can consider ordering a wrap or a bolero style jacket instead. We can design these in the same style as your dress so that any beading or lace will match.
    • Lace-up or zip: Most brides order their dresses well in advance of their wedding and to minimise the risk of you gaining or losing weight and having a badly fitted dress, many designs can be ordered with a lace-up back.
    • Neckline: What is it that you like? Sweetheart, with straps or without?
    • Decorations: Do you like lace or do you like beading?
    • Skirt: Do you like a full skirt or a more modest one? Perhaps you like multi-layered?
    • Colour: Our formal dresses are available in a large range of colours but also our wedding dresses can be made in a colour of your choice. Wedding dresses may also have a contrast colour such as a waistband or embroidery. Lace dresses are generally only available in limited colours. We are happy to accomodate any changes in colour, beading etc to suit your theme.
    • Bodice: Do you like a "corset" or perhaps a less fitted style?
    • Straps: Most of our wedding and formal dresses are made with a bra build in to ensure a good fit that will not slip if you choose a strapless design. But for your security and piece of mind, we can add some straps (removable if you wish) because we want you to be comfortable on your important day.
    • Length: Do you want a "Cocktail Length" i.e.: short, "T-Length" or a full length gown?

  3. Your theme:
    Chosing many of the above styles and features ofcourse are dependant on the theme that you have decided upon.

  4. Your size:
    Although we offer most dresses in standard sizes for your convenience, we understand that it is not suitable for everyone. Please check our measurement tables to see if they suit. We have allowed extra fabric in these dresses so they can be altered by approximately 1 size. Remember that if your dress has beading, lace and/or appliqué it may not be able to match after alterations. Please select your size with care and consider if a "Custom Made Size" may not be a better option. If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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